Penelope Kokkinides of Innovacare Health aims at improving the Healthcare System in Puerto Rico.

It takes a lot to be successful in the health industry as it is packed with a number of players from multiple hospitals, health insurance companies, the government and other corporations. There are many people in the healthcare industry working towards improving the industry but one woman by the name Penelope Kokkinides stands out for relentless efforts and deep work ethics.


Penolope works at InnovaCare Health in the position of Chief Administrative Officer. InnovaCare Health is a company that dispenses health care services to people living in Puerto Rico. The company aims at providing affordable healthcare products and continuous services to their customers by employing state –of –the art technologies. The company has a host of services categorized under Provider Networks and Medicare Advantage. Kokkinides has been in the healthcare business for more than twenty years where she has specialized in Medicare and Medicaid which are government-sponsored programs.


Meeting with Trump


Recently Penelope was among eight women who were invited to the White House to discuss healthcare legislation with US President; Donald Trump. During the meeting, Kokkinides echoed the importance of dedicating more funds for Puerto Rico Medicare Advantage platform. She also highlighted that funding for Medicare Advantage in Puerto Rico had declined with over one billion US dollars in the last seven years. She also praised Trump administration for considering revising Medicare Advantage payments citing that this may be the solution for Puerto Rico.


Kokkinides also acknowledged that most people in the Island rely solely on the Medicaid system and urged the CMS to fix the cuts. She noted that her company Innovacare caters for more than five hundred and sixty thousand individuals and legislation in their favor would trickle down to the masses. President Trump emphasized the crucial role that women play in the healthcare industry in various positions as nurses, doctors, and healthcare experts saying that their impact is hugely felt and appreciated. The meeting bore good news for residents of Puerto Rico as they were accorded encouraging adjustments in their healthcare system.

More about Penelope Kokkinides


Kokkinides has been a player in the healthcare industry for the last two decades and has served on a number of different managerial roles. She worked as the Chief Operating Officer and also as Executive Vice President at Centerlight Healthcare. During this time she was responsible for general management and coordination of strategy of the division of managed care. Previously she also offered her services at Touchstone Health where she held the position of Chief Operating Officer.


She attended Binghamton University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and classical languages. Kokkinides also holds a public health masters degree from Columbia University School of Public Health. Additionally, she graduated from New York University with a master’s degree in social work.


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