Robert Ivy & All That He Has Done

Robert Ivy is a highly successful man that has been able to achieve success based on all of his knowledge and experience he has been able to obtain through out the years.

In 1996, Robert Ivy was announced to be the prime director of Architectural Record. He was given this successful position because he helped out immensely in helping this journal become very well known and successful. He was later on announced to be the vice president of a company called McGraw-Hill Construction Media. This is another place where he was able to obtain new experience that will later on help him out in other business ventures.

Robert Ivy has been a great leadership and because of this, was able to bring much success to Architectural Record. Architectural Record was able to achieve high success such as winning numerous publishing industry honors and also winning an award for General Excellence, a highly prestigious award for a professional journal. These awards are able to professionally demonstrate the success that Robert Ivy brought upon this business because of his editorial leadership. His hard work kept on getting better and he still continued to better himself in order to reach his highest potential. One of his many great attributes is that he is never done reaching for success. He always strives to reach for more.

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In 2009, he awarded Noel Polk Achievement Award that represents his recognition for an individual. This award was a representation of all the hard work and dedication that Robert Ivy was able to accomplish. One of the many great things about this man is that he shares his success stories with others. This architect does not only focus on bettering himself, but also those around him because he is aware of the impact that he can have on the life of others. His hard working skills have been able to help him open many opportunities that he has used for himself as well as for those around him. Robert Ivy as the CEO of AIA is a man who has demonstrated that hard work can help you achieve many great things in life.

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Nick Vertucci: Twice a Millionaire

Nick Vertucci is known for being a resilient entrepreneur whom has experience success in two very different industries. In the 1990s he achieved the status of millionaire by selling computer parts during the tech boom. With the dot com bust of 2000 Vertucci found himself almost broke and wanting of a new career path. He found his answer in real estate. Through determination, persistence and hard study Vertucci would find himself making 7 figures again. He would found the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy in 2014 and share the secrets to his success in 2018 by releasing his book, Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed.

Nick Vertucci grew up in a modest home in Southern California. His father died when Nick was only ten years old. His mother had to work hard to keep their family above water. Nick found himself having to be inventive to get ahead. He had little formal education and no wealth. This motivated him to build a computer parts business which made his initial fortune. Eventually, that company would go bust but he learned a valuable message from the failure. That is, always plan for change.”Nothing lasts forever be prepared for downtimes.” Nick Vertucci admits reinventing himself took a lot of work and it didn’t happen over night. He attributes most of his success to his self confidence and his willingness to take a risk.

Nick Vertucci has a basic 4 part outline for success. He emphasizes that in order for your idea to succeed you have to see it, believe it, map it and execute it. He states you have to envision your product and be clear in what you want to accomplish. He believes confidence is essential to move forward and one has to overcome the fear of failure. However, Vertucci emphasizes planning doable goals and being realistic. Finally, one has to take action and execute. You can’t succeed if you take no action.

The details to Nick Vertucci’s success can be found in his critically acclaimed new book and his Real Estate course. Today he spends most of his time in Orange County California where he does a weekly radio show and plans his next venture.