The hassles of life expose us to many emotions, frustrations, and disappointments. Many people try to cope with such but at times it proves hard, and they fall into depression. An ideal remedy is to seek therapy, and now it has been made easier with Talkspace. Talkspace is an online platform that makes therapists services available and convenient. So far, the platform has more than a million users.

Oren and Roni Frank, the founders of Talkspace have created an environment free from judgment and very discrete. Evident to their goals, Michael Phelps, a world champion swimmer has become part of the platform. He has partnered with Talkspace to spread the news of how therapy helps in mental health.

Despite being a 28-time medalist, Michael had depression and anxiety issues which sucked the life out of him. So he made the ultimate choice to see a therapist to help relieve him of the burden. Talkspace in conjunction with Michael’s encounter with depression and finally seeking help, are dedicated to assisting people to come out of the bubble of fear and seek acceptance and handle depression. As it is, the majority see therapy as a waste of money and time, and so they suffer silently. Hopefully, this partnership will give people the courage to open up to treatment.

Since it is an online platform, Talkspace has taken measures to ensure confidentiality. Before meeting your therapist, an assessment is done to make sure Talkspace matches you with the right therapist according to your needs. Once the type of payment plan is paid for, therapy begins. Talkspace therapists are available 5 days a week, once or twice a day.

The e-Therapy assures clients quality as displayed in their staffs’ dedication. Melissa Moreno, a Talkspace therapy wakes early does some exercises and then gets online to help her clients. When she is not on Talkspace, she is looking after her son, or she is offering Sanctuary and Dialectical Behavior Therapy to adolescent boys at a non-secure program where she doubles as a facility director as well. Samantha White, an award-winning author is also a Talkspace therapist focused on assisting people to achieve peace of mind and be happy.

Talkspace therapists have a one on one approach with their clients. This affects the way they offer their services. A glimpse into the therapists’ lives as well as Michael Phelps is proof that you can get the help you need on Talkspace. Sign up and achieve mental health.

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