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Getting your money in place for your golden years of retirement can be a stressful process. It can become your biggest headache. If you are seriously trying to maximize your savings you must at least start with a game plan that involves diversity.

Igor Cornelsen is the investor that warns anyone that may be thinking that they have hit the jackpot with a few high-profile stocks. You never want to put all of your money in one place because you never know how the industry will change. Igor Cornelsen has been investing long enough to know this. He is the investor that has reshaped the way that investors look at diversification.

If you know what Igor Cornelsen knows you are well aware that you’re going to be outside of be stock market. Other options are going to depend largely on mutual funds and index funds. You can even throw some rental properties into the mix for your portfolio. All of these are things that Igor Cornelsen has recommended, and he gives this type of advice to those that may be looking at the wide spectrum of Brazilian investment possibilities.

What Igor wants people to know is that this is a investing game of chance, but Brazil has more to offer beyond the stagnant American investments. When you want that type of diversification you invest in the area that is good with raw materials. That is another place where Igor Cornelsen has documented how Brazil shines.

Index funds are great for this. Emerging companies are great for your portfolio as well, but Igor gives a fair warning. In Brazil there is a certain amount of red tape that you have to be aware of when you are invested. It is a waiting game in some instances, and Igor makes people aware of this when they start investing in Brazil.

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