“James River Capital, Strategies for Effective Leadership “

James River Capital is one of the best advisory companies in the United States. Paul Saunders is the CEO and Principal of the firm. Some of the services that are offered include investment management, advisory, commodity trading, and investment advice.

Leadership takes time and development. For you to be an effective leader, you should be able to manage your team and ensure their work performance is at its best. It may take a lot of dedication and determination to be an effective leader, but there are a few changes that you can make in your leadership style that came to make a huge difference. Paul Saunders has been an effective leader for many decades, and it is through these changes he has made a difference in his leadership.

Research shows that with these strategies in place, leaders can be more effective with their team members. The studies from this research were carried out in many companies to witness the best leadership strategies. Paul Saunders believes the following are some of the best strategies.

Always support instead of leading

This is a strategy that many organizations use. One fascinating example is Facebook. Facebook leaders always support their team because this creates a good relationship between the leaders and the team members. Leaders that only lead are not effective in their leadership because their role is more authoritative and fixed; it often makes employees feel out of control because they can only do what the leader says. To avoid such negative emotions from team members show them support.

Always encourage

A recent study that was conducted showed that most employees do not approach their leaders if they have problems or bad news because they will get into trouble. This scenario shows that the leader does not welcome escalation and is often harsh to the employees. Such leaders may shout at their employees because of the bad news or hurl insults at them. That is why the employees avoid delivering bad news and leave it to the leader to find out on their own. Such leadership affects the organization greatly. A leader should create a safe space in the workplace so that employees can come forward with their critical feedback without any fear of the consequences. Learn more: https://www.cbinsights.com/investor/james-river-capital

Treat all members equally

An effective leader is one that treats all the members of his team fairly and equally. This means that the opinion of every member matters and no member is overlooked. Always make sure that each member of your team has a chance to air their opinions and their critical feedback. Some members may be shy, but you can increase their confidence by asking them questions during meetings. Make sure everyone participates and that each person is valued as a member of the team.

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