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The RealReal is a luxury designer consignment application with a bio that includes “Extend the lifecycle of luxury items. Join the consignment movement.” Their verified Instagram page is perfectly curated with highlights of cool sneakers, how they are keeping their products sustainable, consignment information, and much more. At first glance on the app’s Instagram you can see that they have over 250 thousand followers (only following 44 people themselves- which obviously makes them cooler, follower to following ratio is very key in instagram influencer world). The page also includes links to their website, a phone number and email.

From the looks of it, they have someone that is posting daily, again, perfectly curated with clothing, accessories and eye grabbing images that match a color palate for the page. All of these things help with the cool aesthetics. In current news, the RealReal recently posted a “story” on their page announcing that they are bringing a new location to the Upper East Side of New York City. They hash-tagged it with #comingsoon #oldceline #newdigs #morereal. It sound like they are in the process of expanding the brand. They currently have store locations in Los Angeles, at 8500 Melrose and in SoHO at 80 Wooster St.

A look inside their tagged photos you will find more of the same handbags, shoes and accessories on a wide range of instagrammers who decided to tag their pieces with The RealReal’s handle. This is great band awareness for the brand, driving those people’s followers to visit the page. All in all I am impressed by the instagram page, it will definitely drive influencers and those alike to want to shop with them.

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