Why Steve Ritchie Apologized to Papa John’s Consumers

Papa John’s Pizza restaurant was formed in 1984 by John Schnatter. Since then, he has been instrumental in the growth and development of the firm. Over the years, he has also implemented policies that have supported the global growth of the restaurant where it is the leading supplier of the NFL. But, recently, he blamed the declining sales on the team’s inability to come up with solutions to their protest issues. As such, the team dropped the restaurant as their leading pizza supplier. Schnatter used a racial slur to call on NFL.

Consequently, the baseball team moved away from him. To add salt to injury, local consumers have been stripping his name too. His image is also being trashed from the marketing materials. Customer experience determines the success of a business. In many cases, customer experience is used as a viable marketing strategy in business. It is the general perception of a customer’s interaction with a company.

Background Information

In the case of Papa John’s pizza, the reeling firm required a smart strategy from skilled marketing professionals. Steve Ritchie, CEO of the company, offered one by writing a letter that addressed the impending issues. In the draft, he mentioned that the past week was the hardest since he joined Papa John’s 22 years ago. He acknowledged that John Schanatter was rude to the entire client base and that he shouldn’t have slurred anyone. Ritchie apologized on behalf of the company and added that those words weren’t representative of their views as a team. Being a leader, he said that he was sorry. Since Papa John’s isn’t an individual but a firm with 120,000 corporate members globally, the team was affected by the founder’s remarks. These individuals in the communities are from different regions. They also have unique cultures that must be respected. While that is true, the clients deserve better than rude remarks coming from a business leader who has been serving the food sector for two decades.


Steve Ritchie has worked at Papa John’s for about two decades. He oversees general operations since he is the President as well as CEO. Ritchie works with more than 20,000 employees.


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