Rebel Wilson Works Hard For What She Has

Rebel Wilson attained her bachelors degree in Law from the University of New South Wales, so naturally she entered the entertainment business in Australia and the U.S. and has become famous for her comedic style, dancing skills and singing ability. She also hold a bachelors in Theater and Performance Studies, attained in 2009 along with her Law degree.

Wilson was initially interested in a career in mathematics, but a malaria-induced hallucination when she was 17 and serving as a Rotary International youth ambassador to South Africa convinced her to enter the entertainment world. Wilson hallucinated that she won an Oscar, a dream she still hopes to make come true.

She studied theater and comedy through the Australian Theater for Young People and during a stint in New York on a scholarship as a member of Second City. She returned to Australia and began performing on stage and screen, appearing in films and television. Read more: Rebel Wilson on Winning Battles Producing Films | Vogue and Pitch Perfect Star Rebel Wilson Talks Clothing Line Secrets | Today

In 2010 Rebel Wilson moved to Los Angeles, home of Hollywood, and began trying to break into the U.S. entertainment scene. She was quickly signed by the William Morris Endeavor talent agency for her uniqueness and personal style. She got a small but breakthrough role in the comedy film Bridesmaids and landed what is probably her most famous role as Fat Amy in the Pitch Perfect musical comedy movie trilogy.

She has landed many other roles in comedic projects and has become a recognizable face in American comedy. Wilson has done her fair share of writing and producing, creating or leading several of her own projects ranging from feature films to Australian TV shows.

Seeming to truly enjoy singing and dancing as well as comedy, Wilson will be featured in the upcoming film adaptation of the long-running popular Broadway musical Cats. She is also starring and producing the comedy films Isn’t it Romantic– a satire of the romantic comedy genre- and The Hustle with Anne Hathaway, a remake of sorts of the classic comedy Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. She is also in Taika Waititi’s forthcoming dramedy Jojo Rabbit.

Wilson acknowledges that she has been lucky in her career, but is also proud of the hard work she has put in to be a success. She speaks often in interviews about how women in general have to work harder than men to succeed in comedy and attributes her success to her own hard work at least as much as luck.

By being dedicated to her craft and putting in the extra effort required to make it in Hollywood she has a career she feels proud of with a body of work she stand behind.

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Rebel Wilson The Unique Actress

Rebel Wilson is a talented actress of the Australian origin. She is also involved in production and writing. She was born in the year 1980 month of March.

She perfected her acting talent from the Australian Theater for Young People and after finalizing her studies she participated in various films. She has appeared in programs such as The Wedge and Bogan Pride.

She has been awarded severally for her good work. Some of her wards include the best actress award and Best Breakthrough Performance award. During her 39th birthday, Rebel posted on one of her social media accounts about how to make a cake which she learnt at Milk Bar and also doing an extra ordinary type exercise. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

She captured a video dance with her friends while in cat attire. This talented woman is said to be acting in a yet to come movie by the title Cats movie where she will be starring as Jennyanydots. Wilson quotes that her many comrades decided to surprise her with a birthday party.

Rebel Wilson is said to be a confident woman and very humble. From her traits and talent, she has earned millions of followers all over the globe. Rebel is very much determined on achieving her goals in life and not even the bad days in life have shaken her.

Rebel Wilson grew up in Australia in a family that consisted of her parents and three siblings namely Ryot, Liberty and Annachi. Rebel says that she grew up as a very shy girl until one day when her mum forcefully took her to an acting class and left her there.

This is where Rebel learnt to be the confident woman she is today. Her confidence in speaking also improved tremendously when she joined debate societies. Her high school tutor was also part of her transformation journey by encouraging her to join various competitions. Wilson says that her purely Girl’s school always encouraged them to pursue whatever they wanted in life and what made them happy.

Rebel Wilson also reveals that nobody could believe that she would succeed so much in her acting career. Finally, she overcame all the obstacles and she is doing very well today. Despite her participation in Hollywood, Wilson has not yet considered obtaining an American citizenship. Rebel Wilson confesses that her uniqueness has also highly contributed to her success in the acting industry.

Wilson is said to be highly focused on achieving her life time goals but not body goals. She thanks her mum for always encouraging them to go after their goals. Rebel also believes in giving back to the society. She provides help to a school located in Tanzania, Africa.

“Throuple” in the Making for Rebel Wilson on Valentines Day

 This Valentines Day is in for a treat with hilarious, full of sass Australian actress, Rebel Wilson. You may know Wilson from 2012’s ‘Pitch Perfect,’ along with, ‘How to Be Single,’ ‘Bridesmaids’ and many more since her Pitch Perfect debut. However, her latest project ‘Isn’t It Romantic’ set to air the day before Valentines Day will definitely have you glued to the movie screen.

The movie is about character, Natalie, struggling to get attention and respect at her job as an architect in the Big Apple. She finds herself doing more of the “intern” duties than actually designing anything.

Her life takes an even larger downfall when she gets knocked unconscious on the Subway after a robber tries to steal her purse. By surprise, she wakes up to her world becoming a magical fantasy when everything she has hoped and dreamed for is right at her fingertips….fancy apartment, flashy clothes and her favorite, love.

Just to add to the mix, Miley Cyrus’s new Beau, Australian actor, Liam Hemsworth is also starring in the new movie with Wilson. Ironically, for Valentines Day, sources have said that Cyrus-Hemsworth is open to having a “throuple” with Wilson and her hubby since Wilson stated that she would be out of a date on Valentines Day this year.

Rebel Wilson’s tweet confirmed, “I’ve never EVER had an actual date on Valentine’s Day – so if you’re like me, now you definitely have a date to come see my movie and be kindred spirits!” Cyrus was more than happy to invite her on a date with her and Liam for this Valentines Day which makes the day this year, extra special for her. Way to go Miley! That’s what friends are for, right?

As if we aren’t in love with Rebel Wilson enough already, it’s fascinating to know that the talented actress has come a long way during her booming career. Many don’t know this, but shortly after graduating from the Australian Theatre for Young People in 2013, she went on to act, sing AND produce.

The first piece that she starred in and produced was called ‘Bogan Bride’ in 2008. She moved to NYC in 2003 on scholarship from the theater she studied at in Australia and has been busy working ever since.

By 2002, the public began to know and remember the star’s name from several projects that she produced and acted in. She was a comical sensation to the big screen as a writer, singer, producer and actress.

‘Isn’t It Romantic?’ will be hitting theaters on February 13, 2019 just in time for Cupid’s day.

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Rebel Wilson Brings Her Talents To Her Own Rom-Com

The comedy actress, Rebel Wilson has become one of the leading character actors on the circuit for romantic comedies and family movies. However, the actress, who refers to herself as “plus-sized” has yet to break into the elite of Hollywood because she has remained true to herself and not chased the glamorous image of many of her co-stars.

The actress looks set to alter the course of her own career and break down many Hollywood barriers with her latest role as the lead of her own rom-com, “Isn’t It Romantic.” Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

Rebel Wilson took to Twitter to share the news of the production of her first role as the sole lead of her own romantic comedy in 2018 and stated her belief it could be genre-defying. The movie sees Wilson play a New York architect who is a devoted fan of romantic comedy movies and finds herself living in a rom-com after a fall leaves her injured. Read more: Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical  and Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book

In a series of tweets, Wilson explained the move to a romantic comedy lead was a major jump for herself and “plus-sized” women everywhere as she was among the first to star in an A-list romantic comedy.

“Isn’t It Romantic” stars the Australian actress’ fellow Aussie, Liam Hemsworth and her fellow “Pitch Perfect” star, Adam DeVine. The actress has been moving towards headlining her own romantic comedy throughout her career after finding her way to stardom in a number of Australian movies before a move to Hollywood changed her life forever. Despite her starring roles in Australian movies such as “Pizza” the actress came to the attention of a global audience when she took the role of Kristen Wiig’s roommate in the 2011 comedy “Bridesmaids.”

One of the most appealing aspects of the career of Rebel Wilson has been her commitment to remaining true to herself and the weight she is comfortable living her life at.

While most of her fellow actress’ chase the perfection of a size zero body shape, Wilson has made a commitment to live a healthier lifestyle with a more balanced diet without making major sacrifices.

Rebel Wilson has admitted to changing her diet and lifestyle but still wants to enjoy the fun aspects of her diet with rewards for living well each day. Although her most famous role is that of “Pitch Perfect’s” Fat Amy, Wilson believes her own story of moving from eating trashy food to living a gluten-free lifestyle is empowering to those who are following in her footsteps in the acting profession.