Oncotarget Offers Free Access to Researchers Worldwide

Oncotarget is a free open-access medical journal that gives researchers access to information in the field of oncology. The reason Oncotarget has endeavored to make this information easily accessible is to have a greater impact on research.

How Does This Affect the Medical Community?

One of the caveats of research, especially in the world of oncology, is that over time it can foster a sense of competition between researchers. There are researchers who want to make that next big ‘breakthrough’ to help combat the disease. While this is a worthy cause to pursue, there is the downside that it can also hinder research from moving forward. Creating a gap between researchers who may have otherwise been working together to work towards a common goal.

Oncotarget bridges this gap by staying dedicated to their mission to make scientific results widely and rapidly available. Their multidisciplinary traditional journal is free to access so researchers can go over the content. The published papers come out in weekly issues online, but each issue or paper can be printed for a special demand. Visit his profile on Google Scholar.

The other benefit of oncotarget is how they seek to maximize the effect research has based on the insightful review. There are exceptional discoveries made in the world of oncology, but researchers may not hear of it because they’re so focused on their own work. Sharing this discovery helps to bridge the border between specialties and even link different fields of study. Information can be shared freely between specialists and help to lead them to make more breakthroughs in their own field.

Oncotarget seeks to foster these applications of basic and clinical science in the world of oncology. Aiding researchers with new ways to fight the disease and to maximize the effect of the research they do daily.

Under the leadership of several prominent scientists, the journal has helped researchers to contribute to the continued progress of science. The goal being to have life without disease worldwide.

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