Barbara Stokes And The GSH Miracle

Barbara Stokes is the president and the CEO of a small business that helps families and individuals recover after the duress of severe weather attacks such as Hurricane Harvey and Katrina. The name of this business is called Green Structure Homes of Alabama and they are dedicated to the stability of families everywhere after the catastrophe of hurricanes and other natural disasters. Visit PRNewswire to know more about Barbara. The building materials that are used to build the lives of these people again are actually used to lessen the effects of future instabilities that weather can take during the four seasons. Barbara Stokes did this on purpose because it would create a more stable environment for clients everywhere and especially those who live near the shore. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes. Not only is Green Structure Homes of Alabama a more efficient option when it comes to materials but it is also more time efficient than depending on the government to be timely in its execution of saving and rebuilding lives. Due to a recent code change in the law the government does act quickly to any natural disaster that may occur at any unexpected moment but there was a time when it took the Pentagon four days to respond to Katrina and because of their delay millions of lives were lost. Barbara Stokes in that exact time was the only reason why more lives were not lost to this disaster. The Green Structure Homes of Alabama owned and run by Barbara Stokes is a treasure to the American People as far as I am concerned.