Fashion Tips By Donata Meirelles

Donata Meirelles is a renowned individual in the fashion industry. She is very aware of the latest styles and trends in women’s fashion. Recently, Donata revealed her insights into the latest fashion trends in Brazil. When she was talking about the newest trends in fashion, she emphasized footwear, handbags and pursues. With a combination of both footwear and accessories, women are able to compliment their clothing and appear stylish whenever they go out. All of these accessories and footwear have become some of the most in demand products among women today.

One of the fashion trends that Donata Meirelles talked about was footwear. She mentioned that one of the most popular footwear options is leather boots. These boots have a very unique and stylish design that will compliment any pants or jeans that a woman decides to wear. The boots are made out of a very durable leather and come in the form of high heels. With these boots, women can wear them for both casual and formal occasions. Since these boots are very stylish, they are ideal for women who are looking for a good set of footwear in professional settings. Therefore, the ankle high leather high heel boots are among the items that Meirelles recommends to women. Check out more fashion and lifestyle at Vogue.

Another trend that Donata Meirelles talked about was accessories. One of the most popular fashion accessories on the market is handbags. These are items that women carry around and store valuable items whenever they go out. They are very similar to pursues but are smaller. A handbag comes in a variety of colors which can compliment any jacket, shirt or skirt, dress or pants that a woman decides to wear. Handbags are very durable and provide plenty of space for women to store things such as their wallet, makeup kits, lipstick, sunglasses, eyeglasses and their cell phone. Therefore, buying a handbag is one of the things that Donata recommends to women who are looking to follow the latest trends in fashion.

When it comes to women’s fashion tips, Donata also discussed purses. These are larger items that women carry around to store items such as their wallet, keys and cell phone. Similar to handbags, pursues come in a variety of colors and designs. Donata believes that it is a good idea to get a purse that is both stylish and spacious. As a result, women will be in position to compliment their clothing as well as carry all of their valuables whenever they go out.


Doe Deere – article recap

It’s not every day that someone starts a company on an e-commerce website that goes on to become a success in its own right. But that’s exactly what happened Lime Crime and its founder Doe Deere. Back in 2004, Doe Deere registered a company on e-bay and named it “Lime Crime”. Lime Crime can be described as a do-it-yourself cosmetics company. And it is also one of the first companies, especially cosmetic companies, to be exclusively a digital-based company.

What makes Lime Crime Different?

From the get go Doe Deere wanted her company to be different. Her makeup style reflects here attitude towards cosmetics and life in general. Even for someone who knows nothing about cosmetics will immediately notice that her products are located on the bright side of things! That is, Lime Crimes makeup products are very colorful. Almost to the point of being garish for some. But that is exactly Doe Deere’s point. She believes in two things when it comes to makeup; it should be seen as a fun activity and cosmetics are not only about hiding imperfections, but also a form of art where you can express yourself.

In fact, she even has a name for her customers and she calls them unicorns. The reason why she gave them that nickname is that as she puts it, is the type of person who is “born different and proud of it”. She feels that it takes a certain type of personality to pull off the colors that they offer. Whether you agree or not with her sense of style, one thing for sure is that she has turned her attitude into success. Today she is considered to be one of the most successful self-made women in business. One of the proofs of that is her appearance on the cover of “Self-Made” magazine along with other well-known successful women. The magazine named her one of the “top inspiring female entrepreneurs” in 2016.

Today, Doe Deere still maintains her childhood passion and attitude towards colors and continues to be a major decision maker of the company’s products by helping to create them. Lime Crimes products are animal-friendly and cruelty-free.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Moving to Take Top Spot from Amazon

When looking at the highly competitive e-commerce apparel niche, Amazon has been having their way with the competition for years, pulling in an unbelievable 20 percent of the sales in that space. It might seem foolish to try and compete with the giant, but one such company has their sights on going right to the top themselves. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been pulling in about $250 million in the last three years, and those numbers mean they are making a serious play for the top spot in that niche.


When you try to figure out the success of this company, all you have to do is listen to how Hudson describes the sales process. Hudson says a unique blending of reverse showrooming and company membership have women making purchases in record numbers. At first, you look at the sales in the retail Fablectics stores in the mall and don’t see anything out of the ordinary. Women are getting their free memberships, taking the Lifestyle Quiz, window-shopping, but more importantly they are trying on all those pieces or workout apparel. This athleisure brand could sell itself based on style and high-quality, but you may be surprised how many shoppers leave the store without buying anything.


Hudson says that her company sees record sales when it comes to the e-commerce store. As a member to the Fabletics website, when you try on the active-wear in the retail store, all those items are then transferred to the online shopping cart. Women who loved the way that a style fit are able to go online and find far more colors than in the store, so they wind up buying more. That is how the reverse showrooming process works, no more guessing if something will fit, you already know so you search the website for new arrivals and stock up. Compared to shopping in the retail setting, these women are putting more in their online shopping carts as a result.


The combination of that relaxed buying atmosphere, lower pricing, and free shipping for online orders, have women joining the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics in record numbers. No longer is shopping online problematic like when buying at Amazon and having to guess if that workout apparel will fit, now you already know how it looks and feels and you can buy as much as you like without worry of having to return the wrong sizes over and over.