Jeremy Goldstein Committed to Fighting Mental Illness

Jeremy Goldstein lawyer, one of the board members of Fountain House, a mental illness charitable organization, has organized a fantastic wine dinner on May 21, 2019, to help raise funds for the organization. The event is going to be hosted at the Nomad Hotel Roofdeck and is scheduled to start at around 6 p.m to about 10 p.m. The wine dinner is dubbed Mental Illness: You Are Not ” A Rhone,” and has been organized in honor of Jim Finkel. The tickets for the dinner are going for $5000, and those that will attend will have an opportunity to sample classy wines from E.Guigal and an incredibly sumptuous meal.

Fountain House was founded way back in 1944 by a group of people who were victims of mental illness. The survivors decided to join hands and form a support group that will help fight mental illness and the stigma associated with it. The support group they formed was initially called We Are Not Alone. Mental illness has become an issue of concern in the modern day world, and the number of people that have been affected by it either directly or indirectly continues to rise.

The group in 1948 successfully purchased a building in the City of New York. The building had a beautiful fountain in the garden, and that is where the name Fountain House originated from. Fountain House for the time that it has been in operation besides taking care of people with mental illness, has helped provide affordable housing and employment opportunities to people with mental illness. Mental illness is a serious global issue that affects the lives of millions of people. WHO has estimated that about 25% of the world population will be affected by mental illness at some point in their lives.

Fountain House, since its establishment, has been at the forefront in advocating for better healthy and constructive lives for people living within mental illness. The organization has organized sensitizations programs as well as education and community projects that have transformed the lives of many people living with mental illness not only in the city of New York but beyond. From statistics, Fountain House has performed beyond expectation. The organization has helped 42% of people living with mental illness gain meaningful employment, and 77% of people in their program have completed their education. Also, the number of people seeking hospitalization due to mental illness has reduced drastically, and the Medicaid costs have decreased by 21%.

Jeremy Goldstein lawyer is one of the patrons of the Fountain House Foundation and serves as a member of the Board of Directors a role he assumed in 2010. Goldstein, a lawyer by profession, holds a J.D degree from the prestigious New York University. Jeremy Goldstein currently operates his law firm known as Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC.


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Jeremy Goldstein- Man of Law

It’s not every day that you come across an individual that is extremely hard working when it comes to their career. However, when it comes to Jeremy L. Goldstein he is known for being one of the hardest working individuals in all of New York City. Law is a love that he has had since a very young age and still to this day he continues to try and learn as much as he can in the law field. Learn more:


For the past several years Goldstein has been busy practicing law in none other than New York City. Working there has allowed him to learn a lot more about the law than he ever thought would be possible. After having worked in larger firms for years he had finally felt like it was time to take the next step in his career and started his very own firm. Having his own firm, however, is not Goldstein’s only accomplishment.


Goldstein began working towards his career at an early age. He eventually went on to attend the New York University School of Law, where he proudly obtained his J.D. After finishing up law school he then went on to begin practicing at many different larger companies. A few of these companies happens to include banking companies, petroleum and oil companies, several cellular companies and also multiple stockholder companies. Along with all his, all his other amazing achievements Goldstein has also proudly written for multiple journals of law. Through his writings, he has provided his opinion and counsel on both popular and current legal matters.


Jeremy Goldstein’s proudest achievement to this day still remains as being Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. This happens to be his very own law firm that he founded. At his law firm, they are very dedicated to helping advice all kind of individuals. Some of these happen to include CEO’s, compensation committees, corporations and also many management teams. Through studying the law pertaining to many different fields this allows the firm to be able to help a lot more individuals than if they only specialized in one kind of field.


Currently, Jeremy Goldstein is still working on growing his career and achievements. He proudly holds a spot on the American Bar Association Business Section and also happily is the chair of the Mergers and Acquisitions Committee, which happens to be of the Executive Compensation Committee. Goldstein is extremely proud of what he has done with his career to this day.