How Can You Bring Passion To the WorkPlace At Neuroscore Without Being Too OverZealous

Sometimes our overzealous behavior has a negative impact on the people we work with. Not everyone can be as passionate as you are. At what point, though do you go from being passionate about your work to being too in-your-face? When does the line get blurred?

I have included a few suggestions to keep things in check so you do not run that risk of alienating your co-workers because of your overzealousness. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

1) Sometimes we get overzealous because we do not understand the impact we make. Knowing and understanding how your work at Neurocore impacts others is the first step to toeing the line. Overcompensating is not the answer. That is when you get too pushy and in-your-face. Overcompensation is also the result of low-confidence. You begin to find a balance and find more confidence when you understand the impact you make. You do not need to try so hard then.

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2) You do need to take risks. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut where we keep doing the same thing over and over. We get so passionate about something that we get obsessed. That is also when burnout happens. There is a way to avoid that. Try thinking outside the box. Focus on something new. It is okay to put aside the other stuff for a while. One contributing factor to being overzealous is being too focused on one or two things. Part of finding that balance means focusing on other projects that show more risk.


3) Sometimes the biggest mistake overzealous people make is they assume they are the world’s leading authority on something. That is when you become a know-it-all. That turns people off. You may be a big fan of something, but that does not mean you are the leading authority. Sometimes it is okay to accept input from others at Neuroscore. You may learn something new. Learning something new does not mean you are not a big fan. It just means you want to keep learning more about it. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.