Sunday Riley Offers the Background Story on Her Unique Brand

Sunday Riley has become one of the most popular beauty brands of today, especially when it comes to discussions on various social media platforms. In a recent interview with The Cut, Sunday Riley provided some background information on why she started her own beauty brand and how she got into the business in the first place.

Riley launched her beauty brand back in 2009 based on the idea that there was a lack of what she calls “green technology” in the beauty market. According to Riley, green technology is the combination of active ingredients with botanicals. From Riley’s perspective, active ingredients are important because they allow people to retain a youthful looking while entering their later years of life. The main reason she includes these in her makeup is that she has a goal to be looking like she’s 90 years old once she has reached the age of 120.

When asked if she was trained as a cosmetic chemist, Sunday Riley admitted to The Cut that pretty much every thing she knows was learned during on-the-job training. She says that she is still learning new things about the industry every day, which allows her to continue to evolve and provide new products that are missing from the market. Riley views each new product as a challenge that will help her push herself to learn new skills.

Riley is not afraid to try new things, which is what allows her to figure out how she can do more. She said that she learns more from trial and error than anything else. In this way, she views her beauty products as art more than anything else. Instead of just looking at what kind of product she should be making, Riley likes to take a step back and think about the overall experience that her customers are going to have with the products.