Luke Lazarus Gives On Insight To His Career as a Startup Consultant

Luke Lazarus is a startup consultant and entrepreneur based in Melbourne, Australia. He has had a successful entrepreneurial career that has spanned two decades. As a consultant, Lazarus helps businesses achieve coherence when making executive decisions. He understands that business leaders need help when coming up with a clear strategy.

He began his career after completing his MBA at 24 years old. By the time he was 33, he went on to found and sell four successful businesses. Ten years later, Lazarus has made a name for himself helping new and struggling businesses get on the correct path. He sat down with to talk about his typical day, how he brings ideas to life, how he remains productive and advice he gives other entrepreneurs

Luke Lazarus gets up before the sun and meditates for the first 10 or 15 minutes of each day to clear his head. He then checks emails, makes coffee and takes his dog for a walk. This is followed by a session at the gym for a brisk morning workout. Read more: Luke Lazarus –   and Luke Lazarus Profile |

After his workout, he begins his workday of meeting with startups for consultations. This could last up to 8 hours a day. During the day he takes notes to stay organized and likes to stick to a clear agenda.

In the entrepreneurship and startup world, Lazarus believes that telling a story is the best way to bring an idea to life. This is because people connect emotionally to things and if a product can make a person feel a certain way, they are more inclined to purchase it.

According to Lazarus, the best ideas have always come from his own personal problems as he feels they are something anyone can relate to.

Lazarus remains productive by recording everything and keeping it in a notebook that he has with him at all times. Keeping a written record of everything allows him to have a clear head and helps him stay on task as he never forgets what he has to do. Read more: Luke Lazarus Profile | and Luke Lazarus –

The advice that he gives other entrepreneurs is to find a story and use that as your selling point. Humans are emotional creatures and they get emotionally attached to items. If that item or service has a story behind it, particularly one that is about solving a problem. People will be more likely to purchase the product or service.

Luke Lazarus’ passion is providing startups and struggling companies on how to succeed. With over two decades of experience, he has become the go-to man in Southeast Australia.

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The Agera Energy Company for Natural Gas Service

If you would like affordable natural gas and electricity, there is no better company to choose than Agera Energy. Read more about Agera Energy on

Agera Energy is there to help in a lot of different ways and is exactly what you need to get the energy that you need without it being overly expensive. You are going to want to make use of the company for all that they are able to do for you.


This is a company that you will feel helps in a lot of different ways. You can also learn more about the Agera Energy company by visiting their site or social media accounts. The Agera Energy company is there to make it easier and a lot more affordable to get the natural gas that you need and the electricity that you require to power up your home as well as the business that you currently own and operate for yourself. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

Jason Hope Supports IoT and Rejuvenation Technology

On matters of supporting revolutionary technology ideas, no one does it better than Jason Hope, a philanthropist living in Scottsdale, Arizona. Now he has dedicated his life to technological solutions that have the capacity to improve the quality of human life. Some people know Jason hopper because of his approach to matters of technology and others know him because of his generous heart of helping the less fortunate. Despite the different skins that he wears, one thing that stands out is his ability to predict technologies that have the highest possibility of helping human beings. He has been communicating about the internet of things in recent times intending to reach out to as many people as possible from all corners of the world. He believed that the internet of things is the greatest technology that has ever been invented by man.

Jason Hope is also passionate about rejuvenation biotechnology. He sees this as another field that will bring unprecedented changes in the world. In partnership with a non-profit organization known as SENS Research Foundation, he has started initiatives to come up with an anti-aging drug. This is a drug that can slow down or stop the aging process in human beings. If this drug is successfully invented, human beings will no longer have to go through the aging process as we know it today. Today, the aging process is characterized by suffering due to old age diseases that affect human beings.

Some of the common diseases include Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, cancer, and others. These are diseases that attack the human body due to low immunity caused by the aging process. If the process can be stopped or slowed down, human beings can live healthier lives. This is the main concern that Jason Hope has and the reason he is supporting rejuvenation biotechnology. Jason Hope is attracted to the research being done by SENS Research Foundation because it is concentrating on eliminating the aging process completely as opposed to other research initiatives that only target to prevent the diseases caused by the aging process. Jason Hope is after a solution that will solve the aging puzzle once and for all.

“James River Capital, Strategies for Effective Leadership “

James River Capital is one of the best advisory companies in the United States. Paul Saunders is the CEO and Principal of the firm. Some of the services that are offered include investment management, advisory, commodity trading, and investment advice.

Leadership takes time and development. For you to be an effective leader, you should be able to manage your team and ensure their work performance is at its best. It may take a lot of dedication and determination to be an effective leader, but there are a few changes that you can make in your leadership style that came to make a huge difference. Paul Saunders has been an effective leader for many decades, and it is through these changes he has made a difference in his leadership.

Research shows that with these strategies in place, leaders can be more effective with their team members. The studies from this research were carried out in many companies to witness the best leadership strategies. Paul Saunders believes the following are some of the best strategies.

Always support instead of leading

This is a strategy that many organizations use. One fascinating example is Facebook. Facebook leaders always support their team because this creates a good relationship between the leaders and the team members. Leaders that only lead are not effective in their leadership because their role is more authoritative and fixed; it often makes employees feel out of control because they can only do what the leader says. To avoid such negative emotions from team members show them support.

Always encourage

A recent study that was conducted showed that most employees do not approach their leaders if they have problems or bad news because they will get into trouble. This scenario shows that the leader does not welcome escalation and is often harsh to the employees. Such leaders may shout at their employees because of the bad news or hurl insults at them. That is why the employees avoid delivering bad news and leave it to the leader to find out on their own. Such leadership affects the organization greatly. A leader should create a safe space in the workplace so that employees can come forward with their critical feedback without any fear of the consequences. Learn more:

Treat all members equally

An effective leader is one that treats all the members of his team fairly and equally. This means that the opinion of every member matters and no member is overlooked. Always make sure that each member of your team has a chance to air their opinions and their critical feedback. Some members may be shy, but you can increase their confidence by asking them questions during meetings. Make sure everyone participates and that each person is valued as a member of the team.

Insightful Investing Tips From Igor Cornelsen

Getting your money in place for your golden years of retirement can be a stressful process. It can become your biggest headache. If you are seriously trying to maximize your savings you must at least start with a game plan that involves diversity.

Igor Cornelsen is the investor that warns anyone that may be thinking that they have hit the jackpot with a few high-profile stocks. You never want to put all of your money in one place because you never know how the industry will change. Igor Cornelsen has been investing long enough to know this. He is the investor that has reshaped the way that investors look at diversification.

If you know what Igor Cornelsen knows you are well aware that you’re going to be outside of be stock market. Other options are going to depend largely on mutual funds and index funds. You can even throw some rental properties into the mix for your portfolio. All of these are things that Igor Cornelsen has recommended, and he gives this type of advice to those that may be looking at the wide spectrum of Brazilian investment possibilities.

What Igor wants people to know is that this is a investing game of chance, but Brazil has more to offer beyond the stagnant American investments. When you want that type of diversification you invest in the area that is good with raw materials. That is another place where Igor Cornelsen has documented how Brazil shines.

Index funds are great for this. Emerging companies are great for your portfolio as well, but Igor gives a fair warning. In Brazil there is a certain amount of red tape that you have to be aware of when you are invested. It is a waiting game in some instances, and Igor makes people aware of this when they start investing in Brazil.


Article Title: Desiree Perez’s Journey in the Entertainment Industry

Article Text:

In recent years, the music industry has evolved to offer employment opportunities to many people. The industry has seen the emergence of music directors and executives that have left an outstanding legacy. Desiree Perez has an accomplished career in music production. She has worked with Jay Z for over 20 years and has a successful track record in the management of SC Enterprises. In late 2017, Billboard released a list of top 100 most influential women in music where Desiree Perez’s name featured. The ranking has further opened up avenues of being ranked with some of the senior promotional managers and record level.

Desiree Perez has also nurtured a career in other fields that have culminated into her fruitful life. Among the portfolio, she has held the Chief Operating Officer of Atlantic Records Julie Greenwald, Executive Vice President of Soundtracks and Executive Heads of Atlantic Records Andrea Ganis and Camille Hackney among others. As such, her recent ranking on Billboard has been instrumental in positioning her to the global realm. Her journey at Roc Nation has been evident for the past 20 years since its formation. The company was established by Jay Z who at that time had sold millions of records. Jay Z developed an urge to invest in the entrepreneurship field with the aim of expanding his already shining empire.

Desiree Perez has been instrumental at Roc Nation where she specialises in managing music artists, songwriters, and sound engineers among others. Her outstanding negotiation skills have made her secure some promotional deals for the company. She is on record having secured over $25 million from Rihanna’s “Anti” tour campaign. Besides, she acquired an extra $200 million investment from Sprint for Tidal. Her success is endless, and it has prompted many upcoming women in the entertainment industry to envy her track-record.

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Rebel Wilson The Unique Actress

Rebel Wilson is a talented actress of the Australian origin. She is also involved in production and writing. She was born in the year 1980 month of March.

She perfected her acting talent from the Australian Theater for Young People and after finalizing her studies she participated in various films. She has appeared in programs such as The Wedge and Bogan Pride.

She has been awarded severally for her good work. Some of her wards include the best actress award and Best Breakthrough Performance award. During her 39th birthday, Rebel posted on one of her social media accounts about how to make a cake which she learnt at Milk Bar and also doing an extra ordinary type exercise. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

She captured a video dance with her friends while in cat attire. This talented woman is said to be acting in a yet to come movie by the title Cats movie where she will be starring as Jennyanydots. Wilson quotes that her many comrades decided to surprise her with a birthday party.

Rebel Wilson is said to be a confident woman and very humble. From her traits and talent, she has earned millions of followers all over the globe. Rebel is very much determined on achieving her goals in life and not even the bad days in life have shaken her.

Rebel Wilson grew up in Australia in a family that consisted of her parents and three siblings namely Ryot, Liberty and Annachi. Rebel says that she grew up as a very shy girl until one day when her mum forcefully took her to an acting class and left her there.

This is where Rebel learnt to be the confident woman she is today. Her confidence in speaking also improved tremendously when she joined debate societies. Her high school tutor was also part of her transformation journey by encouraging her to join various competitions. Wilson says that her purely Girl’s school always encouraged them to pursue whatever they wanted in life and what made them happy.

Rebel Wilson also reveals that nobody could believe that she would succeed so much in her acting career. Finally, she overcame all the obstacles and she is doing very well today. Despite her participation in Hollywood, Wilson has not yet considered obtaining an American citizenship. Rebel Wilson confesses that her uniqueness has also highly contributed to her success in the acting industry.

Wilson is said to be highly focused on achieving her life time goals but not body goals. She thanks her mum for always encouraging them to go after their goals. Rebel also believes in giving back to the society. She provides help to a school located in Tanzania, Africa.

Lessons from Serge Belamant, a renowned tech expert

Serge Belamant is a renowned tech expert who has been behind the development of various technologies in the financial banking system. The current co-founder of Zilch Technologies specializes in developing digital payment software that enables people to make financial transactions under a secure environment. Belamant is known to many as the man who holds the patent to the blockchain technology, a one of a kind technology that has brought a revolution in the banking industry.  Read more on

Serge Belamant is now a highly successful business person who offers advice to others on how they can make it in the sector. One of the things he believes in is the making of products that meet the direst needs of today. His focus is on developing solutions that will be indispensable in the coming years. Although it has been a struggle building his brand, he has no regrets since he took the time to build a foundation that is rewarding him today. He is happy that he has achieved success after going through challenges since he now knows how to differentiate between worthy ideas and those that are not. In a business setup, Serge Belamant recognizes that many businesses get the tag of “successful” way long before they actually become successful. They start by making enough to run their operations and pay workers, but it takes time to become financially stable.

Serge Belamant believes that it normal for people to doubt their ideas. There is that point, especially in the face of challenges, that you question your ideas on whether they will come out true or not. Belamant says this is an important point in growth since it gives one the reassurance that they need to fight on. You get the confidence to try out something knowing that it could eventually become successful.

Belamant believes that before selling a product to the first customer, one should become the first customer by selling the idea of the product to themselves. If you feel that a product addresses your needs, the chances are that others will find it useful. Getting the first customer is not an easy task since you must first begin by winning the trust of others. You must prove to them that the product is not only great but will meet their needs.


How Oren Frank is Approaching Mental Health in the US

In April 2018, Oren Frank was hired by Talkspace as the chief medical officer. Since his hiring, Oren Frank has played an instrumental role in the company’s success, generating over several million dollars from implemented programs. Franks decision to take on the position came an appropriate time when more studies are revealing today that society is facing more health issues than ever before. One thing that Oren Frank wants to focus on is building up the business reputation of Talkspace in the medical industry. For him, it is a starting point. Other major plans that he has in store is app-development for combating mental health conditions.

Indeed, mental health conditions in the US have garnered more attention nationwide, with millennials at the highest risk for depression. These are significant challenges that talk space is looking to find solutions for. Oren Frank is currently working to revise internal company policies. This way, the company has more flexibility in achieving its goals. It’s not a straightforward process, however. A set protocol such as an election for advising new members to the company must take place. Therefore, the company must undergo some significant changes. To help meet these goals, Oren Frank has also partnered up with other healthcare professionals.

Recent tweets from Oren Frank focus on the mental health challenges that are faced in the US. One notable tweet discusses how many working American citizens are living in an age of anxiety. The main objective is to open the discussion to mental health. One huge hurdle to overcome is dismantling the stigma associated with the mental condition. Many are reluctant to seek necessary treatment because they may not find it necessary. By making his ideas and thoughts more public, Oren Frank can normalize seeking treatment for taking care of mental health.

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Dick Devo: Businessman

Have you seen the news about the DeVos family? Many reports have shown that their philanthropic giving has been charged up the past few years. With more than $139 in donations to cultural arts programs, education, community healthcare, and child learning centers, the DeVos Family Foundation has been busy. However, in addition, Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos have co-founded a pilot school in their hometown.


West Michigan has seen a lot of help from the DeVos family in the past. After all, Dick DeVos is the son of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos, who recently passed away. Dick DeVos has devoted much of his life to helping businesses. He runs his own company called the Windquest Group, which is a private equity firm for companies that want to make the world a better place.


In addition, he also serves on the FAA’s Management Advisory Council. This is a civilian board with airline executives and transportation authorities. DeVos was added to the council for his considerable work with his hometown airport, the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. While the airport just saw 3.26 million passengers in 2018, it was hardly popular in the 1990s. DeVos used connections with AirTran Airways to open up new flights and bring in new business travelers to the airport, which is now an award-winning establishment.


It’s these types of projects that have helped DeVos become a popular face in Washington. Alongside his wife, the 11th US Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, he has helped place Grand Rapids on the map, including with building projects downtown to change the skyline. Now the business district has a convention center, performance hall, and sports arena.


Betsy DeVos serves as the 11th US Education Secretary. When Dick was at Calvin College, he met Betsy and they eventually married. Ever since, they have supported each other as they have run for different offices. Betsy support her husband during his governor’s run in 2006 in Michigan. He continues to support her from Grand Rapids, but he also visits Washington regularly to meet with the FAA’s Management Advisory Council.


DeVos will continue to meet with the Management Advisory Council and the FAA for the next year. His advice will guide the FAA on what do with policies, regulations, budgets, and future growth plans.


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