P&M: Barclays promotes Bagguley to COO of investment bank

Mike Bagguley has been named the chief operating officer at the Barclays investment bank. He stands to take up the post that was left vacant by Mr. Justin Bull since he left the firm in April. In his capacity, which takes an immediate effect, he will be reporting to Mr. Tom king the current chief for the investment bank. Furthermore, he will be required to facilitate and accelerate the deliverance of the strategic planning that was initiated last year. Some of these strategies in their early stages have seen this bank transfer most of the risk-weighted properties to non-core units. Similarly, in his position, he is devoted to elevating this firm to higher levels by ensuring that Barclays remain at the top of the list of firms that offer excellent services when it comes to investment and banking.

Past Experiences

Mike Bagguley became part of Barclays in 2001. Before he joined forces with this firm, he served at various levels, which earned him a wealth of knowledge and expertise. For instance, he worked as the director at the Asian swap trading’s, he was also the senior most vice president at the Hong Kong trading’s, and he has been the head of the macro trading, product sales, and markets at the investment bank. In all these instances, he offered excellent service that reached their customers at local levels as well as the global reach. Today, Barclays has a history that dates back to more than 325 years with their services reaching out to their clients in over 40 countries. Similarly, they are also expanding their reach to ensure that their services are more poised more than ever before.


Besides being an exemplary leader at Barclay, Mike Bagguley is a renowned scholar. He is BS holder having graduated from the University of Warwick in 1988. Therefore, saying that he gained a remarkable grounds to stand what he is today from the education system is certainly not an understatement. On top of this, Mike Bagguley has also earned a wealth of experience having worked across various levels as one of the most devoted workers focused on elevating any venture to the greater heights.