Ara Chackeran and His Career

Ara Chackeran work as a serial investor, philanthropist as well as managing and generating business ideas. He also serves in the capacity of business associate for capital holdings which mainly deals in healthcare services. He is also among the founding members of TMS solutions which provides health services for those patients struggling with depression that occurs regularly to them.

Before he came to work with TMS, Ara Chackeran , his career was mostly focusing on issues of entrepreneurship and money investment. For over 20 years he has been dealing with heath technology and services which has granted him enough job experience in this field including how to construct health companies. He has gone an extra mile in exploring on the environmental issues that are likely to affect the success of a business. He has been engaging the youths in advocating for planting trees among other projects which are not geared towards income generating.

Since the year 2008, they were boosted when the FDA federation approved its practicing licence.This has taught them one big lesson where they were made the understand the challenges of having on board insurance coverage which is limited which hinder or delays the process of hiring new employees. In their study, they concluded that the modern care system did not go in line with device treatments.

The main goal for their treatment plan was to come up with a system where the patient and the physician would be able to achieve their objectives in a way that it could not inconvenience any party. Since the formation of this cooperation, they have achieved a lot in terms of more than 7 facilities. They wanted to create an atmosphere where the patient feels like he or she has gone to receive services and not to see a doctor. He highlights that the most important aspect in his career life is being able to balance the issue of entrepreneurship with philanthropic.

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