Article Title: Desiree Perez’s Journey in the Entertainment Industry

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In recent years, the music industry has evolved to offer employment opportunities to many people. The industry has seen the emergence of music directors and executives that have left an outstanding legacy. Desiree Perez has an accomplished career in music production. She has worked with Jay Z for over 20 years and has a successful track record in the management of SC Enterprises. In late 2017, Billboard released a list of top 100 most influential women in music where Desiree Perez’s name featured. The ranking has further opened up avenues of being ranked with some of the senior promotional managers and record level.

Desiree Perez has also nurtured a career in other fields that have culminated into her fruitful life. Among the portfolio, she has held the Chief Operating Officer of Atlantic Records Julie Greenwald, Executive Vice President of Soundtracks and Executive Heads of Atlantic Records Andrea Ganis and Camille Hackney among others. As such, her recent ranking on Billboard has been instrumental in positioning her to the global realm. Her journey at Roc Nation has been evident for the past 20 years since its formation. The company was established by Jay Z who at that time had sold millions of records. Jay Z developed an urge to invest in the entrepreneurship field with the aim of expanding his already shining empire.

Desiree Perez has been instrumental at Roc Nation where she specialises in managing music artists, songwriters, and sound engineers among others. Her outstanding negotiation skills have made her secure some promotional deals for the company. She is on record having secured over $25 million from Rihanna’s “Anti” tour campaign. Besides, she acquired an extra $200 million investment from Sprint for Tidal. Her success is endless, and it has prompted many upcoming women in the entertainment industry to envy her track-record.

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