Get to know Dan Bethelmy-Rada

Dan Bethelmy-Rada has been in the fashion industry for a couple of years. He has shown a lot of expertise in the field and he has revolutionized the industry through his great ideas. He serves as the global president of L`Oreal firm, which has established its services in various parts of the globe, with its headquarters being based in Paris. The duo is known for the significant successes he has brought in the company, majorly in helping it market its brand. He also takes care of the manufacture of various products that the firm sells. His ability to market the products of the company has seen a vast number gain awareness of the high-quality products hence purchase them.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada has facilitated the growth of the L`Oreal company through the great steps he has taken in setting the right prices for each product. Whenever he introduces a new product in the firm, he always takes to the market to research on the exact price that his clients are willing to pay for it. With this, he acquires an insight into the price range he needs to set each of his products; this has enabled the products of the firm to sell quickly. Besides, his ability to use the right resources in the manufacture of the firm’s products has ensured that each of them is of excellent quality. This has continued to boost the growth of the firm by increasing its total number of customers and sales.

On the other hand, the duo has taken the initiative of marketing the products of the company online. The website that he facilitated in launching has enabled clients to gain more insight into the type and nature products that the company offers. With this, people have been able to purchase products easily online thanks to the support they get from the online attendants, who are always ready to answer all their queries. Dan Bethelmy-Rada seeks to help L`Oreal overcome the rampant competition that many companies in the fashion industry experience. He believes that the ability of the firm to offer services to the people in the local community has boosted its production and overall growth.

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