Fashion Tips By Donata Meirelles

Donata Meirelles is a renowned individual in the fashion industry. She is very aware of the latest styles and trends in women’s fashion. Recently, Donata revealed her insights into the latest fashion trends in Brazil. When she was talking about the newest trends in fashion, she emphasized footwear, handbags and pursues. With a combination of both footwear and accessories, women are able to compliment their clothing and appear stylish whenever they go out. All of these accessories and footwear have become some of the most in demand products among women today.

One of the fashion trends that Donata Meirelles talked about was footwear. She mentioned that one of the most popular footwear options is leather boots. These boots have a very unique and stylish design that will compliment any pants or jeans that a woman decides to wear. The boots are made out of a very durable leather and come in the form of high heels. With these boots, women can wear them for both casual and formal occasions. Since these boots are very stylish, they are ideal for women who are looking for a good set of footwear in professional settings. Therefore, the ankle high leather high heel boots are among the items that Meirelles recommends to women. Check out more fashion and lifestyle at Vogue.

Another trend that Donata Meirelles talked about was accessories. One of the most popular fashion accessories on the market is handbags. These are items that women carry around and store valuable items whenever they go out. They are very similar to pursues but are smaller. A handbag comes in a variety of colors which can compliment any jacket, shirt or skirt, dress or pants that a woman decides to wear. Handbags are very durable and provide plenty of space for women to store things such as their wallet, makeup kits, lipstick, sunglasses, eyeglasses and their cell phone. Therefore, buying a handbag is one of the things that Donata recommends to women who are looking to follow the latest trends in fashion.

When it comes to women’s fashion tips, Donata also discussed purses. These are larger items that women carry around to store items such as their wallet, keys and cell phone. Similar to handbags, pursues come in a variety of colors and designs. Donata believes that it is a good idea to get a purse that is both stylish and spacious. As a result, women will be in position to compliment their clothing as well as carry all of their valuables whenever they go out.


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